Public schools are places where children come together to learn and prepare to be citizens in our democracy. Because of this, public schools often serve as centers of our communities, connecting neighbors with neighbors, and providing resources and support - from health care to cultural celebration.



Unfortunately, Florida’s education system has a history of excluding students on the basis of race. Dating back to the nineteenth century, Florida’s education laws and policies were intentionally crafted to perpetuate segregated schools with funding that was allocated to favor white students and schools over Black and Latina/o students. Despite progress on creating an education system that works for all children, Florida’s education system today shows echoes of these laws and policies.

Legislators and public-school advocates should have a deep understanding of Florida’s historically inequitable policies to competently grasp how to improve the state’s system to fully fund public schools that are able to serve every child, no matter their race, where they live, or how much they can afford.

Image Source: Florida Memory
Image Description: Mother escorting her two daughters to Orchard Villa School in Miami-Dade County, one of the first public grade schools to be desegregated in Florida, 1959